A Dreamer’s Dream

In the heart of Midtown on the corner of S Virginia St lies Dreamer’s Coffee House. A small shop that originally opened in 2002 in the Riverside Lofts building. Walking into the coffee house there is an instant warm feeling and the strong aroma of bitter sweet coffee. Greeted with the smiling face of Jonathan and his employee’s I hesitate to order looking over the menu again and again, as if I haven’t been here a hundred times. Ordering a Creme Brulee White Mocha Jonathan asks me how I want it, a little more on the sweet side or a little more on the coffee side; a question that makes you feel as though he wants your drink to be perfect for you. As always I tell him right in the middle. Writing on my cup he always asks me the same genuine questions, how my day is going, if I had class or not, weather I’ll be working later, or what plans I’ll have the rest of the day. Simple questions that make me feel appreciated as not only a customer but a human being.


Waiting for my drink I examine every painting up on the wall as the soothing voice of Jack Johnson plays in the background. The drink takes longer than most coffee shop because it’s made with patience and exact guidance. As Jonathan comes to sit next to me he has the most welcoming smile on his face. I start off by asking him to tell me the heart of his business from start to finish. With few question’s in between he gives me the story of a dream come true.


After graduating from the University of Nevada, Reno with a degree in Psychology Jonathan dreamt up the idea of a coffee shop. Finding himself daydreaming and doodling about his own coffee shop he soon turns a simple dream into a reality. Starting off at a little coffee cart in the Washoe Medical Center, Jonathan had no previous experience with coffee. His self taught skills turned his little coffee cart in 1998 into a real business just a few years later. After working at the cart for three years he expanded his business to the coffee house on S. Virginia. With running his first coffee shop and three other coffee cart’s that resided in City Hall, Mills Lane Justice Center, and the original one in the Washoe Medical Center. During the recession the economy hit hard in 2009 where he found himself having to close his businesses. Taking three years off he found himself missing his coffee shop, jokingly applying at Starbucks he worked there for a short three months. During that time he made a plan to reopen his shop. Choosing between a couple different locations he settled on the corner of S. Virginia street less than a mile away from his previous coffee house. Drawing up his own blue prints he got approved by the city and off started a round two of his dream.


Reopening in April of 2012 the sign Dreamer’s was put up and from there the business had only become more successful. Jonathan takes great pride in his coffee house and the environment he has created. His staff follows the atmosphere Jonathan has created, a welcoming social place. Jonathan tells me, “ We’re selling what everyone else is selling, so we have to sell is atmosphere, customer service, personality..” A few simple things that keep the customers coming back week after week. Not only is his coffee shop unique in it’s inviting environment, but also with its fun menu. Coffee’s like the Almond Joy, Milky Way, Snickers, give this place a unique spin on the average everyday coffee.


Working in customer service I ask Jonathan if he thinks having his degree in psychology helps him with customers. He goes on to tell me that he does think that it helps, he like’s to listen to people and hear about how their days are going or what’s new. He gets to have more of a connection with his customers especially being at the coffee house everyday, and making the coffee. Jonathan tells me he still has customers that come in and see him that were some of his customers at his coffee cart at the Washoe Medical Center, and from his original coffee house in the Riverside Loft building.


The pride behind Jonathan’s voice as he told he about his coffee house was the most remarkable thing. Giving me countless amount of information about the story behind his dream, which seemed like a small idea turned into something great. Proving that following what your heart desires and putting in hard work, anything is possible.
Dreamer’s, apostrophe “s” because he is the dreamer.


Photo Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/waferboard/

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